4G is not 4G

Written by Martijn Braam on 2019-08-05

The 3G, 4G and 5G standards are strictly defined, meanwhile phone manufacturers and ISPs still act like they can put the 4G and 5G sticker on anything they want

Restoring GPG from a Yubikey

Written by Martijn Braam on 2019-01-18

Creating a GPG keyring on a Yubikey is pretty much covered, but how do you restore GPG on a new device using the keyring on a Yubikey?

Reusing old phones with postmarketOS

Written by Martijn Braam on 2017-10-06

A while back I made a blog post about my idea's about my ideal phone operating system. Now I found something that can make it a reality.

Building a wall computer

Written by Martijn Braam on 2016-11-21

A few months ago I got the idea to build a wall mounted art/computer thing after seeing a picture of someones watercooling setup mounted to a wall. As base for my build I used my office computer. It's a old MSI board (P55-GD65) with a first generation Intel Core i7 860. I've connected an SSD to it and it's as fast as the zenbook I use on the go. Fast enough.

Creating a real GNU/Linux phone os

Written by Martijn Braam on 2016-08-07

Android works fine, Ubuntu touch is making some of the same mistakes. I just want Linux on my phone.

Harley Benton (Thomann) Power Attenuator test and teardown

Written by Martijn Braam on 2016-02-27

Thomann just released their own amp attenuator. Let's measure it and take it apart.

Cheap Chinese usb thumbdrives and benchmarks

Written by Martijn Braam on 2015-10-01

I read a few articles about BTRFS and ZFS and about cheap Chinese electronics so I thought I should combine that. So I bought the cheapest 1GB USB thumbdrives I could find on eBay. With four thumbdrives I can test various raid setups with BTRFS and ZFS and benchmark them.

Using mobile phone camera sensors with Nikon lenses

Written by Martijn Braam on 2015-08-30

I always tell people that the problem with phone cameras is the lenses. This isn't a thesis that is easy to test because you can't swap the lens on a phone without destroying it. But now the Raspberry pi has a camera module that's basically a phone camera sensor.

Decoding P2000 messages from Linux

Written by Martijn Braam on 2015-08-28

P2000 is on of the messaging systems used by the dutch emergency services (mostly the fire department). All messages for the fire department are send over P2000. Some ambulance messages are send over P2000 and some over C2000. All police messages are send over C2000.

Connecting to a Windows Server 2012 desktop gateway from Linux

Written by Martijn Braam on 2015-08-18

Linux is a great desktop operating system if you're used to it but sometimes you need to connect to corporate servers. This is straightforward with things like Remmina and FreeRDP except when you connect through a Remote Desktop Gateway.

Modding a Behringer VT911

Written by Martijn Braam on 2015-05-04

A few weeks ago I replaced my Line6 Podxt live multieffect pedal with a guitar amp, cabinet and 2 pedals. The amp is a Kustom Defender 5H head and I use a Kustom 1x12 cab with it.

I'm starting a company

Written by Martijn Braam on 2015-03-01

After working in a computer retail/repair store and a software development company I'm starting my own company doing computer retail/repair, server management and webdevelopment. This means I'm moving this blog to http://blog.brixit.nl/ and use http://brixit.nl/ for my company website

Some guitar refinishing

Written by Martijn Braam on 2014-12-29

In the previous post about guitars I told you about building my own guitar. This one is about the finishing of that guitar and 2 other guitars

Ripping audio CD's from the shell

Written by Martijn Braam on 2014-11-03

This blogpost describes the tools I use to rip backup audio CD's to FLAC files from the shell using abcde. The same workflow is usable to rip to MP3 files.

From Atlas Cedar to rocking ear bleeder

Written by Martijn Braam on 2014-09-17

Because of the urgent need for satellite reception of a friend of mine my brother needed to cut down an Atlas Cedar tree. The wood from this tree was just lying around so my brother and I decided to build a guitar with it

Bus Pirate v3 and LM75 temperature sensors

Written by Martijn Braam on 2014-07-21

This is a tiny reference for reading the temperature with an LM75a temperature sensor and a Bus Pirate v3 on a Linux computer.

Installing puppet on debian, part 2

Written by Martijn Braam on 2014-07-08

This is the next part for the puppet on debian wheezy tutorial. In this part we move code from site.pp to a separate module which is the new method used for puppet 3.6 and up.

Installing a basic puppet setup in debian

Written by Martijn Braam on 2014-07-07

This tutorial guides you through installing a simplePuppet 3.6 environment to manage a few servers with a puppetmaster and puppet-agent and a basic site.pp with some modules.

Create a Symfony 2 project with PhpStorm 8 or 9

Written by Martijn Braam on 2014-06-30

This tutorial has been written for the early access program version of PhpStorm 8 (PhpStorm PS-138.826 to be exact) and Symfony 2.7.x.

Color management in KDE on ArchLinux

Written by Martijn Braam on 2014-04-21

This tutorial explains how to setup color management in Archlinux using oyranos and kolor-manager

Reverse-engineering a Logitech speaker set

Written by Martijn Braam on 2014-04-20

Last week I received a broken Logitech 2.1 speakers set. The Logitech z-340 specificaly. The power light turned on but no sound and the volume knob produced a crackling sound when turning so the amp in the subwoofer is still working. I've tried disassembling the subwoofer but it's mostly glued together. So I first reverse engineered the speaker unit. It contains a small circuit board with the controls for the subwoofer. The left speaker and the subwoofer are connected with a 10 pin cable with din connectors. The speaker unit also contains a preamp for the headphones output