After working in a computer retail/repair store and a software development company I'm starting my own
company doing computer retail/repair, server management and webdevelopment. This means I'm moving
this blog to and use for my company website.

Instead of explaining why I'm starting my own company I would like to use this blogpost to focus on the
technology side. This blog is build on top of Jekyll Drupal 7 Flask.
For my new company website I'm using Drupal 7. While there's a release available for Drupal 8 I've
found that it's not stable enough yet for running a production website (mostly on the documentation side).

For managing my virtual servers / domain names / Drupal installations I've developing my own management tool
build on top of Symfony 2 and Angularjs. The first version is working and in production right
now. After making it more configurable, adding internationalisation support (It's currently only in Dutch) and
less dependend on my server structure the project will be opensourced at my company github account.