Color management in KDE on ArchLinux

Written by Martijn Braam on 2014-04-21

This tutorial explains how to setup color management in Archlinux using oyranos and kolor-manager

Installing color correction

For colormanagement to work two packages are needed from the AUR. Install the following with your favorite AUR helper:


The kolor-manager-git package wil add a new section in the System settings called "Color Management". Use this to load the .icc profile for your monitor. Then enable color correction in System settings -> Desktop Effects -> Advanced -> Enable color correction (experimental)

Now the colors wil be managed by kwin. To test is set the icc profile to Lab.icc with the following command:

$ oyranos-monitor -d 0 Lab.icc

This wil make your display yelow if the color management is working. Run the following command to reset color management

$ oyranos-monitor -d 0 -e

Creating a color profile for your display

To create a new color profile for your display you need to have a color measuring tool. The one I use is the colormunky display one. To use it in linux install dispcalgui from the Archlinux repository

$ pacman -S dispcalgui

And start the dispcalgui tool from the start menu. For the colormunki you need to load calibration data from the CD distributed with the colorimeter and follow the instructions from dispcalgui.