Intel Driver Updater in Linux Mint

If you're using Ubuntu with an Intel graphics card you can use the Intel Driver Manager to manage extra updates to your graphics drivers but if you're using an ubuntu derivative like Linux Mint the installer will simply say your distribution is not supported. Luckily the installer is only a tool that adds a deb repository to your ubuntu installation so it can easily be bypassed

Reverse-engineering a Logitech speaker set

Last week I received a broken Logitech 2.1 speakers set. The Logitech z-340 specificaly. The power light turned on but no sound and the volume knob produced a crackling sound when turning so the amp in the subwoofer is still working. I've tried disassembling the subwoofer but it's mostly glued together. So I first reverse engineered the speaker unit. It contains a small circuit board with the controls for the subwoofer. The left speaker and the subwoofer are connected with a 10 pin cable with din connectors. The speaker unit also contains a preamp for the headphones output

Installing an XMPP server on Debian 7

This guide wil cover installing an XMPP/Jabber server (ejabberd) in Debian 7 (Wheezy). This XMPP daemon supports both c2s and s2s messages. C2s messages are messages from your chat client to the XMPP server. This message wil be delivered to another user that has an account on your XMPP server. If the user is on another domain name ejabberd wil send an s2s message to the other server (called XMPP federation) and the other server delivers the message with c2s messages to that client